What is the best news channel in 2020 of India?

Setting the Stage: Indian News Channels in 2020

Let's glide back to the year 2020 effortlessly, like a journey in a time capsule, waving goodbye to the present year, 2023. Ah, it's the year where the world dealt with masks, lockdowns and social distancing; the colorful, vibrant festivals of India seemed to have lost their usual joyous fervor. Amid this, the role of news channels in India magnified like never before as they were vital in providing accurate information about the progressing global threat of this nasty virus. Now, dropping the imaginative time travel hat and donning my critical analysis cap: Let's refocus on the topic at hand – which was the paramount news channel in India in 2020? I'm at times a critic and at times a bit of a comic, maybe to make hard and dry facts go down a tad easier. So my friends, fasten your seat belts, we are going to embark on a whirlwind tour of Indian News Channels in 2020.

The Seeds of Savvy: Evaluating Ground Rules for Analysis

Before we proceed with the analysis, it's essential to lay down the parameters. I recall my school days when my physics teacher would say, "Arvind, always mention your units in measurement." After years, this lesson still holds its ground. For evaluating the best news channel, we'll consider a few factors such as their reach, average minute audience (AMA), viewer retention, and credibility. Wait a minute, did I hear someone yawn? Oh, come on, my friends, this is going to get interesting. We are not diving into these terminologies, rather in a fun way, drawing comparisons and stating facts, and along the way, I will share my little secrets and anecdotes from the 2020 rollercoaster journey.

Sprouting High: Aaj Tak's Viewership in 2020

So here we are, at the starting line, with Aaj Tak primed at the pole position. In 2020, Aaj Tak was the most viewed news channel with almost 15 percent of share, topping the list of news channels throughout the year. I can hear sighs of nostalgia from Aaj Tak fans, and I must admit, there were countless nights in 2020 when I, too, watched Aaj Tak's prime time. But wait, did I tell you about the time when I was so engrossed in Aaj Tak's show that I missed to add water to Maggi while cooking? Oh, burnt Maggi, what a memory!. The channel also had the highest AMA, which reflects the average number of viewers per minute. The reach of Aaj Tak was astounding, and they managed to keep the viewers hooked with their informative and captivating news delivery.

On the Trot: ABP News' Hard-Hitting Journalism

ABP News took the next spot with its excellent news coverage. They attracted the viewers through their innovative and critical stories. But my dear friends, remember, no analysis is complete without a pinch of personal experience, and here's a piece of mine: As a blogger, I always love stories that go beyond standard news. ABP News did just that - from uncovering exclusive news stories to discussing ground-level problems. I vividly remember their extensive coverage of the migrant crisis during the lockdown, it was a blend of journalistic excellence and compassion.

The Jovial Giant: Zee News and Its Undying Spirit

Ah, now comes the channel with flavors of enthusiasm and vibrance: Zee News, our friendly neighborhood channel. Catering to diverse groups, they maintained a steady connection with the regular Indian household. In terms of viewer retention, Zee News held its ground as viewers committed themselves to the artistically crafted segment. A funny memory sprouts in my mind; during the lockdown, I and my nosy neighbor Sharma Ji became Zee News buddies. We would watch Zee News with a cup of chai from our respective balconies, occasionally exchanging critiques and laughs.

The Indefatigable Underdog: ND TV's Credibility

Often I have been questioned about the measurement of credibility, and my only response has been "gut feeling". When it comes to credibility, NDTV stood like a shining star in the dark. Yes, their reach or AMA were not as high as Aaj Tak or ABP News, but in terms of credibility and handling sensitive topics, they were unparalleled. They maintained a fine equilibrium between national and global news, something which I relished as I sat in front of my laptop, delving into the complexities of the world.

Conclusion: Summing Up the Titans of 2020

To wrap up this analytical journey, we have seen how each channel had its own strengths and charm. Aaj Tak roared in terms of reach and AMA, ABP News stood out with its story-telling, Zee News was a jovial giant, and NDTV was the beacon of credibility. A word of advice from your friendly, neighborhood blogger Arvind – it's always good to be diversified in our news consumption; after all, every news channel serves its own unique flavor. And hey, on a lighter note, you might also escape from burning your Maggi, unlike someone you know. So, let's meet again, with a new topic, maybe even in a new year, on this ever-evolving blog.

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